IC3D understands your website is the face of your organization. With the continuing growth of the Internet, a dynamic interesting website is essential. A website needs a team of developers, designers and content creators that can build a robust and lasting presence for you on the web. IC3D is that team.


The IC3D design team prides ourselves on the ability to work closely with our customers and produce the perfect layout, color palette and design elements that bring your concept to life. Do it right, the first time, with IC3D!


Today, more businesses are recognized by their logo than by name.  As the face of your business, your company emblem is the first thing a prospective client sees and it should make a lasting impression. IC3D’s team of designers are capable of bringing your ideas to life with an effective and poignant logo.


Sometimes called video infographics or sizzle videos, motion graphics by IC3D employ a multitude of art and science: animation, design, voiceover and music that create a video experience that jumps out at your target audience and virility for the masses.


Visual impression has a big power in advertising industry. Positive visual impression through advertising materials is likely to entail overall positive attitude towards your company and your products or services. IC3D’s team of artists and illustrators takes into account your target market. IC3D’s illustrators will discuss with you every aspect necessary for creating the most effective illustrations for your advertising purposes.


Infographics have taken the digital world by storm. With the use of creative, IC3D designers, the culmination of graphics, stats, charts and a bit of humor gives the reader an incredible mnemonic device that will serve them for some time to come.


A content management system (CMS) allows you the end user, to manage all the content on your site. Some clients find this daunting as they can feel overwhelmed by the need to manage their own content. A CMS will give you the option of managing your content, but IC3D will always be an email or phone call away to help manage any of your web needs.


From getting you seen on Facebook & Twitter to optimizing your site for accessibility, IC3D can make sure you and your services are seen by the entire world. At IC3D, we are professionals at developing in depth web marketing campaigns and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


The world of internet marketing is advancing exponentially as products and services are ever changing. Statistics have shown that companies with websites that are 4 years or older generate less new business than those that stay current on what they have to offer to the consumer.  Due to the rise of E-commerce, almost everything found in stores can now be bought online; as a result of this type of marketing, some businesses have been able to expand globally, thereby allowing them to enjoy a higher, positive net income.


IC3D’s powerful mobile solutions empowers you in leveraging the various mobile utility services like Standalone Mobile Business Application and Integrated Mobile Business Applications, which can be acquired reliably and instantly anywhere and everywhere.


Social media marketing is the newbie in the web marketing industry, but it sure IS important. With the various social media platforms out there, it’s now easier (and more important) than ever for you and your company to engage with customers who will spread the word about your products and services via social channel. IC3D can assist you with our Social media marketing expertise.


Social media networking isn’t just a recommendation any longer, or an Academy Award nominated film, it’s a necessity. As a small, medium or large business owner, you may recognize your social media network design needs, but you don’t have time to address them all. Be at ease. IC3D will do the typing, you just worry about the talking – and making money for your business.