About Us…

Established in 1999, IC3D DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT, LLC was rooted on the sentiment to set in motion an elite team of creatives with whom each individual brought their own specialty to the design table. Together, as a team, IC3D developed rapidly over the years, and became one of the most eminent, sought after, graphic design and web development studios that the Fairfield County, CT / Metro Tri-State area has to offer.


IC3D continues to refine our creative process as we progress, as a dedicated team of cutting-edge creative professionals, who follow their passion, striving to design, develop, and strategize the launch of the brands of our clients as well as those to come.


IC3D‘s dedication to our client base is to provide an end result that is memorable, marketable, and preeminent in comparison to the competition. We don’t only advance to assist our clients in their goals, achievements, and visions, we push to create consistent, effective, well executed design aesthetics that defy the hands of time.